Extended Abstracts Proceedings of the Workshop
Women in Mathematics: The Legacy of Ladyzhenskaya and Oleinik
Edited by Krystyna Kuperberg

Women in Mathematics: The Legacy of Ladyzhenskaya and Oleinik
A Joint Workshop of AWM and MSRI
MSRI, Berkeley, CA, May 18 - 20, 2006
Organized by:
Susan Friedlander, Barbara Keyfitz, Irene Gamba, and Krystyna Kuperberg

Sponsored by the Association for Women in Mathematics and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute with support provided by the National Security Agency and MSRI.

Technical Editor: Beth Fletcher

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Cathleen Morawetz: Early Memories of Olga Ladyzhenskaya and Olga Oleinik
Andrea Bertozzi: Shocks in Driven Liquid Films
Suncica Canic: Fluid-Structure Interaction in Blood Flow
Irene Fonseca: Variational Methods in the Study of Imaging, Micromagnetics, and Thin Films
Irene M. Gamba: Asymptotic Dynamics for Generalized Non-Linear Kinetic Maxwell Type Models
Svetlana Jitomirskaya: Treating Small Denominators without KAM
Barbara Lee Keyfitz: The Legacy of Olga Oleinik in Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Izabella Laba: From Harmonic Analysis to Arithmetic Combinatorics: A Brief Survey
Susan Friedlander and Natasa Pavlovic*: Dyadic Models for the Equations of Fluid Motion
Mary Pugh: Notes on Blowup and Long Wave Unstable Thin Film Equations
Gigliola Staffilani: Dispersive Equations: A Survey
Tatiana Toro: When Do Good Parameterizations Exist?
Konstantina Trivisa: On Multicomponent Fluid Mixtures
Susan Friedlander* and Barbara Keyfitz: Olga Ladyzhenskaya and Olga Oleinik: Two Great Women Mathematicians of the 20th Century

Poster presentations

Alexey Cheskidov: Global Attractors of Evolutionary Systems and the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations
Cleopatra Christoforou: Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with Fading Memory
Y. Epshteyn* and B. Riviere: Fully Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme for Two-Phase Flow
Raluca Felea* and Allan Greenleaf: An FIO Calculus for the Marine Seismic Imaging: Folds and Cross Caps
Anahit Galstyan: Global Existence for the One-dimensional Semilinear Tricomi-Type Equations
Anna Ghazaryan*, Peter Gordon, and Christopher K.R.T Jones: On the Uniqueness of the Subsonic Detonation Waves in Inert Porous Medium
Maria Pia Gualdani: Quantum Models for Semiconductors and Nonlinear Diffusion Equations of Fourth Order
Mohar Guha* and Keith Promislow: Front Dynamics in Non-Smooth Ignition Systems
Katharine F. Gurski*, Richard Kollar, and Robert L. Pego: Arbitrarily Slow Damping of Internal Waves in a Stably Stratified Flow in Two- and Three-Dimensional Bounded Domains
Borislava Gutarts: The Inverse Boundary Value Problem in Anisotropic Media
Katarina Jegdic*, Barbara Lee Keyfitz, and Suncica Canic: A Riemann Problem for the Isentropic Gas Dynamics Equations
Gabriel Koch: Liouville Theorem for 2D Navier-Stokes Equations
Rachel Levy: Effects of Localized Forcing on Driven Thin Liquid Films
Susanne C. Brenner, Fengyan Li*, and Li-yeng Sung: A Locally Divergence-Free Nonconforming Finite Element Method for the Reduced Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations
Evelyn M. Lunasin: A Modified Leray-Alpha Subgrid Scale Turbulence Model
Helen Moore: Differential Equation Models of Diseases and Drug Dosing
Tung Nguyen: A-Stability for Two-Species Competition Diffusion Systems
Anna Oganian* and Alan F. Karr: Multistage Masking Methods for Microdata Protection
Iordanka Panayotova* and John P. McHugh: On the Stability of Stratified Flows with a Horizontal Shear
Arati Pati: Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Viscous Flow with Moving Boundaries
Natalya Popova: The Onset of Double-Diffusive Convection in a Horizontal Layer of a Porous Medium in the Presence of Vibration
Angeles Sandoval-Romero: The Cauchy and Scattering Problem of a Class of Non-linear Schroedinger Equations
Petra Sindelarova: Movable Approximations of a Minimal Set in a Continuous Flow
Ana Maria Soane* and Rouben Rostamian: Free Boundary Problems in Fluid Mechanics
Ali Kemal Unver: Flexible Flowshop with Limited Intermediate Storage
Brandy Wiegers: Three Dimensional Computational Model of Water Movement in Plant Root Growth Zone